Mercy Nursing students get hands-on learning experiences at our state-of-the-art simulation labs

护理学院的启动将使Mercy进一步加强其护理课程, better serve its students and help meet the growing need for nurses in the Tri-State area and across the nation.

Today, Mercy College announced the launch of a new 护理学院 and the appointment of Dr. 肯尼亚V. 胡子,艾德.D., AGACNP-BC, ANEF, FAAN,担任新学院首任院长. 护理学院的启动将使Mercy进一步加强其护理课程, better serve its students and help meet the growing need for nurses in the Tri-State area and across the nation. Dr. 胡子, who has spent more than two decades in higher education working to narrow the academic achievement gap and strengthen workforce diversity in nursing, 将与教职员工合作,共同开创护理学院, 7月1日正式上市, 2023.

新的护理学院将容纳Mercy的全套护理项目, which were previously part of the 卫生与自然科学学院; these include traditional four-year undergraduate prelicensure programs and an accelerated second-degree program for those with existing bachelor’s degrees in other fields, 和护理教育硕士课程, 护理管理和家庭护士执业研究.

“对训练有素的护士的需求很大, 在过去的八年里, Mercy一直在努力扩大护理项目,以帮助缓解护理人员短缺的问题,” 蒂姆·霍尔,仁慈学院院长. “Today’s announcement furthers Mercy’s mission and commitment to continue investing in its programs to meet the demands of the region’s workforce.”

“Organizing our Nursing programs within a School enables us to design and deliver more impactful learning opportunities for current and prospective students, 这真的很令人兴奋,” Dr. 伊娃Fernández,默西学院教务长兼学术事务副校长. “以她的背景和专业知识,我相信. 比尔德将丰富护理学院的课程,帮助我们的学生取得成功.”

“I am delighted to be joining Mercy College as it prepares to launch its new 护理学院,” Dr. 胡子, 仁慈学院护理学院院长. “作为一名教育工作者和护士, I recognize our critical role in preparing future nurses to meet the health care needs of our communities. I look forward to working with the nursing faculty at Mercy to provide nursing education tracks that address the needs of today’s pluralistic society.”

估计需要200多人,000 new registered nurses nationally each year through 2026 to replace retirees and fill new positions according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. 美慈学院培养护士的历史超过45年, 首先是学士学位水平,从1981年开始是硕士水平. 在过去的几年里, Mercy has grown its nursing programs to offer more in-demand undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 这包括为期四年的传统护理课程, which has tripled in size since its inception in 2015 and the accelerated second-degree nursing program and the Family Nurse Practitioner master’s program, both introduced in 2019 when Mercy absorbed more than 300 nursing students from the College of New Rochelle (CNR) as part of a teach-out agreement due to its closing. In 2021, Mercy started a weekend accelerated second degree program at the 布朗克斯 Campus to offer those who work during the week the opportunity to earn their degree.

怜悯不止一个,目前有100名学生就读于该校的护理课程, 每年颁发超过400个护理学位. Mercy的许多毕业生继续在地区医院工作, 包括纪念斯隆-凯特琳癌症中心, 纽约长老会, 纽约大学朗格尼分校, 诺斯韦尔卫生系统, 布朗克斯医疗保健系统, 纽约市卫生和医院公司, 蒙蒂菲奥里, 白原医院和威彻斯特医疗中心.

The 护理学院 programs prepare students to become registered professional nurses who are ethical, 主管, 知识渊博的, 有爱心的, 尊重, 以及富有同情心的领导者. 从熟练的教师到课程和设施, Mercy is well positioned to create learning environments that support 诊所al judgment and academic excellence.

Mercy offers state-of-the-art classrooms that replicate real-world 诊所al labs and hospital environments in the Dobbs Ferry and 布朗克斯 Campuses. 它们包括跨学科临床模拟和学习实验室, 随着最近的……的逝去,哪个将被使用得更多 临床护理模拟立法 that allows nursing students to complete up to one third of their 诊所al training through simulation experiences. These labs provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences in settings that simulate in-patient, 诊所, 以及家庭设置. Video capture provides opportunities to review students' performance with them to provide feedback for improvement in skills and interactions. 有八个Laerdal模拟人体模型,包括模拟婴儿,模拟妈妈和模拟少年. 额外的模拟资源包括Sim Capture和Scenario Cloud, 哪些提供当前场景内容, 和Sim Lab电子健康记录. 除了, nursing students have access to the 健康 Assessment Lab which allows them to learn to conduct health assessments in a setting supplied with equipment typically seen in hospitals and 诊所s. 每个学生都被分配了一位导师, 作为Mercy国家认可的个性化成就合同(协议)计划的一部分, who works closely with nursing leadership to ensure nursing students understand the nursing policies and grade requirements and are prepared for 诊所als. They also assist students by providing information on financial services, tutoring and counseling.


关于博士. 肯尼亚的胡子
Dr. 胡子 is a proven leader and educator who has amplified the importance of creating learning environments that value diverse perspectives. 在她被任命为Mercy医生之前. 比尔德曾担任张伯伦大学的副教务长. Her vision of strengthening the preparedness of faculty to meet the needs of today’s nursing students resulted in the creation of the first Nurse 教师 Residency program in the country. The Harvard Macy Institute’s Program for Educators in the 健康 Professions supports her workshop, “领导一个有种族意识的社会”以及2012年梅西学院学者, 她创立了多元文化教育和健康差异研究中心. 她的出版物和研究集中在推动多样性的最佳实践上, 包容和卫生公平. Dr. 胡子 led the New York State Action Coalition in constructing the New York State Diversity and Inclusion in Nursing Tool Kit in 2014, 为全国护理联盟2016年多元化愿景声明做出了贡献, and served as a reviewer for the National Academy of Medicine’s Future of Nursing 2020-2030 report.

Dr. 比尔德曾在纽约州护理委员会任职, 主席, 领导努力确保护士的专业准备. 她是纽约医学院的研究员, 美国护理学会, 以及护理教育学院. She serves on the advisory council for 美国护理学会’s Institute for Nursing Leadership and is an editorial board member for the American Journal of Nursing. 她获得了无数的荣誉, 包括全国卫生服务主管协会, 纽约地区分会在2021年享有盛誉的总统奖, the National Black Nurses Association’s Trailblazer Award and the Greater New York City Black Nurses Association’s Nurse Educator of the Year in 2022.

Dr. 胡子 completed her AAS and BSN degrees at Phillips Beth Israel 护理学院 and Excelsior College in New York, 分别. 她在石溪大学获得了MSN学位.D. 我在道林学院学习教育管理.

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